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Two Act Play by Ray Keffer

Setting:  Heaven, B.C.

Cast:  Gabriel and two other unnamed Angels

Christmas carol or anthem

Act I: "Are You Able?"

ANGEL 1: "Hey! Did you hear the latest? God is sending Jesus down to the planet Earth?"

ANGEL 2: "No! Why?"

ANGEL 1: "You know that God has tried many times to help those people, donít ask me why, but nothing He has tried has seemed to work. So, God feels that if He sends His Son, Jesus, down to Earth to work with the earthlings for a little while, they maybe would get the message of what Godís plan is for them."

ANGEL 2:   ďI know that God told Isaiah that the Messiah, Jesus, would be born of a virgin, and He would live among the earthlings. It is written that He would heal the sick, make people whole, and forgive the sins of those people on earth. I donít know how He is going to do it, but he will.Ē

ANGEL 1:   ďRemember, he also told Micah that He would be born in Bethlehem, and He would be of the House of David. It has been said that He would be rejected by the very people He is there to save and they would eventually crucified Him. Not to worry, He would conquer death, and He would be raised from the dead and restored to life.Ē

 ANGEL 2: " You mean that by sending His only Son, Jesus to Earth as an act of love that God hopes to accomplish His plan for mankind through Jesus?Ē

ANGEL 1:   " Yes!   Further I understand that one of us angels is going to be sent down to talk to a young Jewish virgin woman named Mary about becoming the earthly mother of Jesus. If she agrees to be His mother, the Holy Spirit will see to her pregnancy, and she will carry the Christ Child."

ANGEL 2:   "Well getting Mary to approve to this is one thing, but what about her betrothed husband, that guy named Joseph?   After all he will not be the father of the child which his betrothed wife, Mary, is carrying!   Will he too go along with Godís plan?"

ANGEL 1:   ďI suppose that Mary and Joseph do Godís will, but I donít know for sure. As I understand it, one of us will talk to Mary, and one of us will go to tell Joseph of Godís plan for Mary and the Christ Child, who will be born of the Holy Spirit, not of Joseph!"

ANGEL 2:   "Thatís quite a plan, but do you really think that people on Earth will believe that the Christ Child was born of a virgin, and that Joseph was not the father of the child? Come on . . . ."

ANGEL 1:   "Well, has God ever been wrong?

ANGEL 2:   ďNo! But....Ē

ANGEL 1:   Donít you trust God to see that His will is done in this case, and that the earthlings will accept the virgin birth of Jesus?"

ANGEL 2:   "Well, I trust God, but Mary and Joseph will be dealing with a tough bunch of people down there, especially the Jewish church officials who may feel that the birth of the foretold Messiah will challenge their authority.Ē

ANGEL 1:   "This mission by Jesus is really a dangerous one for him. Those earthlings can be cruel. They donít seem to have much regard for the sanctity of human life, let alone a concern for the life of a young virgin woman who is giving birth to a child who is the Son of God!  Do you doubt what Godís will shall reveal?"

ANGEL 2:   "No, No! Of course not, ah . . . , (Changing the direction of the conversation.) Just how soon is this event going to happen? If God wants His plan to work, then it shall work. Personally, I would like to be one of the angels to help God carry out His plan whenever it happens."

ANGEL 1:   "Me too. I guess it is going to be soon. You know the earthly time schedules are different than ours. Remember David wrote that a thousand years are but a day in our lives, so I think it could happen any time. You see, Isaiah foretold of the coming of a Messiah in his writings, but no time frame was included by Isaiah."

ANGEL 2:   "How do you suppose that we can get to help when the time comes for these events on earth?"

ANGEL 1:   "I donít know, but I did hear that all the angels are all going to help in some way or another when Godís plan unfolds on Earth."

ANGEL 2:   "Is there any way we can find out some more details of His plan? I donít want to miss out on taking part in such an event as the birth of the Christ Child."

ANGEL 1:   "You donít, Huh! (Half laughing) But are you sure you want to go down to THAT planet, if you donít think Jesus should go there?"

ANGEL 2:   ďWell..., Yes! If God wants me to go there, Iíll go wherever He wants me to go, and do whatever He wants me to do. Iíll even go mix with those unworthy Earthlings!"

ANGEL 1:  "Good. (Pause) Oh look, thereís Gabriel,   Letís see what he knows about these rumors. He usually knows what is going on up here, and Iím sure he will be only happy to have volunteers for this mission to earth when it comes. (Pause) Say, Gabriel what do you know about all this talk that God has a plan for Earth down there that includes His only son, Jesus?"

GABRIEL:    "There is such a plan, and the time table for the sending of Godís son to earth is no longer a secret. It is all going to be explained to everyone in just a very short while. Details are being worked out even as we speak, and we are all going to be involved."

ANGELS 1 & 2:  "Wow! Great news!"

GABRIEL:   "As I understand it, an angel will be sent to talk to a young woman that God has picked out to be the earthly mother of His son, a woman named Mary who is of the house and lineage of David. Jesus will go to earth as a new born baby. As he matures in years, he will work with the earthlings until the time comes for Jesus to begin his ministry to the people. Heíll teach the people how they can have eternal life with God and that He was sent to be the means to provide them with eternal life.Ē

ANGEL 1:  "Wow! Thatís quite a mission Jesus will undertake down there. Is there any more to Godís plan?"

GABRIEL:   "Thereís more, but donít worry about it. In time, God will tell all of us the whole plan.   He will tell us of His plan and prepare us to carry out that plan in His own time."

ANGEL 2:  "Donít you feel sorry for her?"

ANGEL 1:  "Sorry for whom?"

ANGEL 2:  "Mary, the young maiden who will carry the Christ Child?"

ANGEL 1:  Yes, but God will take care of her if Mary gives her consent to be the Christ Childís mother. If Mary doesnít consent, then God will have to find some other virgin to be the childís mother. God is willing to do everything He can do to save those earthlings."

ANGEL 2:  "You keep saying if Mary consents to be the Christ Childís mother - God wants her to be the mother in this case! So thatís that!"

ANGEL 1:  "No, God doesnít work that way. God does not force His will on people. Mary has the free will to make up her own mind and decide if she will be the Childís mother. God will not force His will upon her. "

ANGEL 2:  "I guess youíre right. But what about Joseph, will he consent to this arrangement between God and Mary should she give her consent?"

GABRIEL:   "I understand that God will send an angel to talk with her betrothed husband, Joseph, in a dream if and when Mary gives her consent. The angel will tell Joseph what God has planned for Mary, the Child, and for him. Joseph will understand what his role in the birth is to be, and how he should respond to the people when they criticize the two of them. God is sure that this man, Joseph, will understand and consent to His plan. Both Joseph and Mary are good people. God will bless them for their courage and devotion to Him."

ANGEL 1:  ďWill just the two of them know who Jesus really is?"

GABRIEL:   "No. Remember that priest, Zacharias, and his wife Elizabeth?Ē

ANGEL 2:   ďYes. What about them?"

ANGEL 1:  ďI hear they are going to be involved in Godís plan also. God has it all worked out. Elizabeth will give birth to a son prior to the birth of Jesus. Their son, John, will baptize Jesus with water, and John will bear witness to the world as to who Jesus really is."

ANGEL 2:   ďIím following you alright, except for the part about Elizabeth having a son. Sheís too old to have a son! Sheís long past her child bearing years!"

ANGEL 1:   ďOh ye of little faith.   God will be the judge of who is and who is not past child bearing years. Youíre forgetting Abraham and Sarah arenít you!  Sarah was well past her child bearing years, yet she bore a son, Isaac!"

ANGEL 2:   "Oh, thatís right. Sarah was in her 90's when she gave birth to Isaac."

ANGEL 1:   "Well, I know in the past that we have had to go to Earth to see about other matters, but never for anything of this magnitude for any of us. None of us have ever had to stay there for a long period of time, but Jesus is being sent to live among those people for a long time. (Pause) I hope things will work out down there for Mary, Joseph, and Jesus"

ANGEL 2:   "Now itís my turn (slightly laugh) Do you doubt God?"

ANGEL 1:  "No, I donít doubt, God. Itís the earthlings I questions! I guess that I just donít understand how it is all going to work out."

ANGEL 2: "Well, if you did know, than you would be God!!!"

ANGEL 1:   ďIím sure it will all work out for the best. We just have to be ready to do our part!"

GABRIEL:  ďMary and Joseph will consent to Godís will, I am sure. The Christ Child will be born soon! We will be given our assignments yet today.Ē

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Act II: "Are You Willing?"

GABRIEL "Well, I think God has it all planned. Each of us has an assignment. I will be leaving for Earth in just a few minutes to talk with Mary, the virgin God has chosen to be the earthly mother of Jesus."

ANGELS 1 & 2:   "What is our assignment? We want to help also."

GABRIEL:  (To Angel 1) - ďHereís your assignment. ď(Hand paper to Angel 1) ďYou will be the lead angel, and you will be surrounded by a group of other angels. You will visit a group of shepherds in a field outside the town of Bethlehem. This is the text of what you are to say."

ANGEL 1:  "ĎBehold I bring you tiding of great joy! Tonight in the City of David, a Savior is born, Christ the Lord. You shall find Him wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. Go see what God has given the world!í"

GABRIEL:   (Give paper to Angel 2) "You will also be a lead angel, and you will go with some other angels and proclaim these words.Ē

ANGEL 2: "ĎFor unto you a child is born. Unto to you a Child is given. He shall be called: Wonderful. Counselor. Almighty God. The Everlasting Father. The Prince of Peace. Of His kingdom there will be no end!í" (Questioning pause)

ANGEL 2: ďIsnít that what Isaiah said earlier?"

GABRIEL:   "Yes, it was all planned by God. We are so fortunate in helping God fulfill His plan as written in Isaiah!"

ANGEL 1:   "O.K. I canít wait to say this great message."

GABRIEL:   ďGreat.Ē

ANGELS 1 & 2: "Then what?"

Gabriel:  ďGo now and, ĎPractice. Practice. Practice.í When the time comes, youíll visit the Earth, and then come right back to Heaven.Ē

ANGEL 1: "What a beautiful beginning of His life on earth. Gabriel.... I wonder how the people will accept Him?"

GABRIEL: "You donít want to know the answer to that question. Jesus will be home again with us in 33 earth years. Heíll leave a legacy on Earth like no other man before Him. Now Angels, the time has come for you to go to Earth to proclaim your good news!   Joy to the world!"

ANGELS 1 & 2: Weíre on our way."

GABRIEL:   "Remember, Isaiah was told by God that He would send a Savior from the root of Jesse, and of the lineage of David. These words of Isaiah are going to be fulfilled tonight!"

ANGEL 1: "Yes, but Isaiah also said that they would criticize that child and scorn Him."

GABRIEL:   "But He also said that the lion would lay down with the lamb, and the Child would bring everlasting peace."

ANGEL 2: "I also remember that we were told by God through David that He would be raised from the dead. (Pause) Well, I guess we all knew that those earthlings would mess things up. Iíll let God handle those details. I donít know why He cares so much about those earthlings!"

ANGEL 1: "Are you willing to go?"

ANGEL 2: "Yes! Iím ready Iíll shout it from the mountain tops! Iíll say - ĎHey World - ĎFor unto you a child is born. Unto to you a Child is given. He shall be called: Wonderful. Counselor. Almighty God. The Everlasting Father. The Prince of Peace. And of His kingdom there will be no end!í"

GABRIEL: "You do that! (Pause) Itíll make a great beginning!"

All:   Yes, a great beginning, and to God be the Glory.

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Notes:  Christmas Carols or Anthems may be added as desired and thought appropriate by those directing the play.  They can include audience participation or be done by the choir only at the discretion of the director(s).


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