by Gail Keffer

The short devotionals given here are written to help us realize our place in today's world, how we can help, how we are needed. We may feel that we are insignificant, but we are just as important as the person next store, regardless of this world's social status.

A study of the people in the Bible shows that God is able to use people of all ages, and all degrees of faith. He can use the small child, the widow or widower. He can use the young man on the street, the girl on a basketball team, the young mother who is struggling, and the grandfather who steps in and is there for a grandchild.

Many of the people who chose to follow Christ were young and served for many years as they sought to carry out the will of God. Some were in the Old Testament, and some were in the New Testament.

Some of the people who chose to follow Christ are known to us through the Bible for only a very short time, but their mark made a difference. Some spent most of their life serving their God. Some had a remarkable conversion and learning experience. Some met God through a very peaceful and calm assurance of His presence.

Whoever and wherever they were, they had a strong faith that would not be daunted. There are still people like those people in the world today. They may have different names, and different colors of skin, but they are the same - people with enough faith to move mountains, to show the way for those struggling in life. Today God calls us to serve as these people did. We aren't asked to go to the extremes of endangering our lives, but we are called to stand up for our beliefs, to minister to and care for others.