Women Who Dared

by Gail Keffer

The Bible is full of many women; each is different. Many have a major part in the story of God's creation and love. We do not all play a major role in the overall picture of life here on earth. But, each of us is unique to God who cares not only for each of us as individuals, but also for the lily of the field and the sparrow.

We are all God's creation and while he loves each of us and forgives us, he knows our ways, and knows our weakness before we can acknowledge it or ask for forgiveness. But, we must remember that he also knows our talents and our strengths. We are each unique and blessed just as the people were in their day and so will the people of tomorrow be blessed. It is difficult to accept at times the people that God chose to do the work. They were just as human as we are!!!

Sometimes we tend to think that everyone in the Bible was a saint. They weren't. They had human frailties just as we do, but through their frailties, God was able to use them to spread the Good News. Many other women who dared are listed in other devotionals.